About me.

I would like to say that I’m not the type of person that can sit and talk about myself all day, but that would be a slight fib. I try to avoid the negative or painful topics, but all in all I am pretty open to talking about me. Where to begin is the only question..

I was born in Ohio and lived there for a reasonable portion of my childhood before I moved to Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah (I do not glow or have a tail). I moved to Salt Lake City nearing the end of high school and have been there ever since.  I met my husband in Salt Lake City, I had both of my kids in Salt Lake City. It is home

Multiple Sclerosis??? Yes, I have M.S. and yes I’m fine with that. Most days….. I have what is called Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Which means while I have relapses there aren’t many which can be both good and bad. Good thing is I have very few moments that my MS catches me off guard because I don’t typically get “all the way better”, and that is also the bad. Even when my symptoms improve they are always nice enough to leave a little reminder of their presence. Well, That’s enough of that depressing garbage.

I am a happily married woman with two beautiful children and that is what defines me. I have a lot of hobbies and interests but that is where my focus is. As a side note I have three dogs, seven chickens and am forced to live with my sons cat. I like my garden, I like to shop and I like to play. That’s about everything I can think of, for now………


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