6 comments on “Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

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    • I agree with you with two slight alterations 🙂 I think everyone with the means to do so (let’s face it most of us with a mortgage can still afford to be charitable) must donate money to anyone needing assistance. I don’t necessarily think we should focus on struggling countries instead we should focus on the world as a whole. There are many people, even in america, who need assistance. However I love the idea of sponsoring a child!! There are so many small businesses that sponsor my sons baseball league (it is heart warming), and you know that there are many bigger businesses who could afford to but don’t. I kid you not there is even a little tattoo parlor that sponsored a team which runs them around $10,000. Quite a large donation from a business that has only been open two years.
      The only other thing I would add is that we should encourage and teach people to be charitable from a younger age, so that in the future it doesn’t need to be law 🙂
      With that being said we should totally run for office, because we’ve got some great ideas 🙂

      • You have very good points, there are so many people who can afford to donate money but don’t. And that is a very good idea to teach people about those that are less fortunate then us. I sponsor a child through World Vision, and she writes letters to me. It is such a good feeling knowing you have helped someone, and receiving letters from her makes it even more real. It reminds me of the movie ‘Pay it Forward’, if you haven’t seen it you must watch it!

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